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Elevated Beer, Wine & Spirits, Minneapolis, Minnesota
France 44 Wine & Spirits, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Alcohol
Lake Wine & Spirits is your go-to liquor store when you are visiting Uptown, Minneapolis!
Central Avenue Liquors is an independent, locally owned business, managed by a husband and wife team from Northeast Minneapolis.
Founded by 2 wine guys and a beer guy who took their hourly earnings and threw in together to create a store based on their passions. This store offers a first class customer service experience and a tremendous selection of wine, beer and spirits at all price points!
 Surdyk's Liquor & Cheese Shop, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Northeast Minneapolis
Thomas Liquors is a third-generation, family owned, neighborhood liquor store and premier wine shop located in the heart of Macalester-Groveland in Saint Paul, MN. Located on the western end of Historic Grand Avenue with shopping & restaurants only blocks away.
Surdyk’s Liquor store is every connoisseur’s dream. In business since 1934 and run by three generations of the Surdyk family, its wide assortment of cheeses, wines, liquors, beers and cigars, combined with the store’s superior service and knowledgeable staff, keep customers strolling down the many aisles of this Minneapolis store. Joseph Surdyk, grandfather of current owner Jim Surdyk, started the store soon after the end of Prohibition. Joseph figured that selling liquor, in addition to groceries, would help bolster the family income. So when the Minneapolis City Council approved the first legal liquor sales on January 26, 1934, he bought his license with $200 of borrowed money, and on February 2, 1934, set up the first Surdyk’s Liquor store at 219 East Hennepin. In those days, Surdyk’s was a small corner shop with only three or four employees, just down the street from where it sits today.
Ken&Norm’s Liquors opened up in 1965 – the first African-American wine and spirits purveyors in downtown Minneapolis.  Through a series of events, the shop was relocated to its current location at the corner of 48th St and Chicago Avenue in the beautiful community of Nokomis.      As with every neighborhood anywhere in the world, ours has seen its share of good times and bad times.  Our little shop has endured and continues to be your go-to place for all things wine, beer, and booze.      If you have any further information about the history of the neighborhood we can add, let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Ken & Norm's Liquor

Village Liquor has all your adult beverage needs in Prior Lake, Minnesota! We have a huge selection of wines, local beers, liquor, and mixers.
Brian offers Liberty Village customers more than 20 years of experience in the wine, beer and liquor industry. He is passionate about wine. Brian has been to countless wineries and has been fortunate to spend time with a number of top winemakers. In addition to his wine expertise, he has an acute knowledge of beer. Over the years, Brian has worked with many brew masters, visited their breweries and learned the fine art of brewing beer. And, he has shared dinner with acclaimed author, the late Michael Jackson, also known as “the beer hunter.” Some of Brian’s favorite beers include Belgian beer, English beer and beer made in your garage. If you have any questions regarding wine, beer and/or spirits, Brian is always here to help. Brian’s motto: You won’t know unless you try it.
Worldclass Wine, Beer & Spirits. Offering online ordering and local delivery in south Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Ombibulous is a liquor store offering only Minnesota made craft beer, wine, and spirits in Northeast Minneapolis.
Homespun is a Minneapolis gift shop offering unique gifts for everyone in your life.  Everything in store is designed or made in Minnesota.
Ombibulous is a liquor store offering only Minnesota made craft beer, wine, and spirits in Northeast Minneapolis.
The Wine Thief & Ale Jail
Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits
The Cellars Wine & Spirits
Rose & Loon
Family owned and run liquor store in the Merriam Park neighborhood of St. Paul!
Curiousity NE logo
Copperwing Distillery.png
Manger Restaurant & Wine Bar
Edina Liquor has three locations. Where profits get poured back into the community!
Edina Liquor
Top-Notch Wine + Spirits in the Heart of Minneapolis
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